GQ Waxes Poetic about H-Town [Texas]


(Credit to: elfenix)


That’s quite an article, I barely skimmed it and one day soon when the Astros aren’t on and I’m not so tired I’m going to read it several times. It’s been saved to my favorites.

Jaymes posted this, elsewhere. My comments:

“Nice article! But Kitchen 713 is in Rice Military, no where near Rice University. I’m also surprised Shepherd is still front and center in Houston food press. Lots of new places in Houston! Hard to keep up.”

I remain unconvinced that Chris Shepherd is our go to person for Houston food. Can we just move on from him and Justin? Seriously?

So many places, so little time. If these writers would just not read other writer’s nonsense and just come and experience the flavors, the myriad of options here! So exasperating.

Back in the day, there was a sports figure named Doug Flutie. I remember a song crafted around his fame, that went something like this: “Don’t want to hear nothing more 'bout Doug Flutie!” That’s how I feel about Chris Shepherd. In a nutshell.

But I’ve had a bad day. so take it with a grain of salt.