Gourmet Butcher Block - Gretna LA

Excited to have a John Madden turducken from Gourmet Butcher Block on our California Thanksgiving agenda. Also looking forward to The Big Game and The City lol!

With the andouille and the cornbread stuffing and the gravy all that makes it will be rare treat for me. I had one about 6-7 years ago and it exceeded expectations. My pal handled the ordering of this one it comes frozen.

Any last minute thanksgiving shoppers just say cluck it


The turducken looks exciting, but I cannot conceive of paying $199 + tax + shipping for any item of food. (Even just $199 + tax, since I live half a hour’s drive from the store.)

It’s good to be a guest in this instance. Fun for a special occasion with friends and family. Menu says it’s 96 bucks maybe that’s pick up. Cheap compared to the fowl de cochon !

I’m sure you have some other great options in your neck of the woods !

I’m serving a Whole Foods (non-organic) turkey…$1.49/lb at the member price for a frozen bird 10 days ago. I made the same turkey last Saturday for my Practice Thanksgiving party, dry-brined, and it was everything a turkey should be. Boudin egg rolls, dirty rice, and mirliton casserole are my local-cuisine Thanksgiving favorites.



Also yum

My friend said “best meat dish he ever cooked.”

It was damn good.


Here’s a good cross section from some leftovers