I am not a regular at very many NYC restaurants, simply because there are so many of them that I don’t make multiple visits to the same place all that often. Gouie is one of the exceptions, for a number of reasons: it’s close, it’s very good, it’s reasonably priced (well, for food of the quality, anyway), and we like the staff a lot. They just celebrated their one year anniversary, so the host/server/whatever guy joined us in a yuzu liqueur toast after the meal. Then he asked how our grandchildren are doing, and that was a first. We don’t have children, so grandchildren would be tough, and sheesh, I must be looking old! Anyway, I always stick mainly to the specials, so last night was a grilled lobster with uni sauce, daikon and onion, with some pumpkin chips. And barracuda, amberjack and…something else. Can you ID the one on the left?