Gordon Ramsey regrets pulling Kitchen Nightmares off the air

I regret him pulling the show as well, it was one of the few restaurant / food shows that I actually watched.


I don’t because it became so rushed and formulaic toward the end of its run. The reboot of The F-Word has been one of my major disappointments this year for just the same reason. The original UK version was far and away my favorite of his shows - more relaxed, I loved the whole thing with his family raising the animals they were going to eventually eat, and dealing with what that felt like, and I liked his very knowledgeable segment contributors Janet Street -Porter and Hugh Fearnly Whittenstall.

Everything he does now feels so hurried - almost as though he were doing five Fox shows at once - oh, wait…

Yeah but generally speaking he suffered from the same kind of over exposure that Emeril got for a while.

And you can only take so much of Ramsey’s schtick.

Perhaps unfortunately, I’m not a sadist so I don’t enjoy watching people get beat up, no matter how dumb they might be.

Ramsey’s behaviour further reminds me of people I’ve known in restaurants who keep disappearing into the larder and come back with what looks powdered sugar under their nose, except I know they weren’t making icing in there.

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Just imagine what it would be like having to work with the dude…

My cleaver would be hanging out of his back after a week.