Google-eyed View of What We're Into Eating

A fun, interesting read - and peek into what your neighbors are contemplating for dinner. I cheered for this one: “Searches for gluten-free cupcakes and wheat-free bread are down.”

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I love the trend of bundt cake - I love a bundt cake and I love the cake pans, just makes me happy.

Turmeric , The only way I use it is to dissolve 1 tsp. into a half a cup of warm milk and a little ground black pepper . Tastes terrible , but relieves the pain in my shoulder .

I’ve never heard of that concoction. A weekend spend working a chainsaw has had my elbow feeling like it’s been napalmed. Now, thinking about choking that down, maybe it doesn’t hurt so bad.

Add honey.

I add a little turmeric to my chicken stock.

It gives it a warm flavor and a nice yellow glow.

It has to build up in your system . You can Google turmeric for joint pain for more information .

This is more a measure of what things people are considering eating that they know so little about that they need to google it first. The gender-reveal cake is something for example that I would absolutely have needed to google if the article hadn’t explained what it was. I have never heard of this in my life.

I think that’s true for the bitter melon, jackfruit, and turmeric which are foreign to most Americans, but the number of pho searches in Seattle might be people looking for locations or hours.

If I start making funfetti smash cakes (would totally sell) and vegan doughnut bundt cakes, can I cash in? Jackfruit empanadas?

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr