Goode Company Kitchen HOUSTON!!!

Maybe they won’t move this one.

The Memorial location is open according to the Chronicle Who’s going to be the first to open up the wallet and give it a try?


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Not ME! YOU! I’m not going to pony up 48 bucks for a pound of fajitas when I can get outside skirt at El Tiempo Market for around 9 plus get sides for the 5 dollar range there and any of a dozen places near my Spring Branch casa.

This line in the article you linked caught my eye.

“The company was named a Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces winner in 2017, and received a special award for clued-in senior management.”

I was in line at Phoenicia Market yesterday afternoon and there was a cook in Pappadeaux kitchen wear from across the parking lot in line behind me with a large plastic jar of LemonPepper Seasoning. I said something along the lines of “It must be nice to have Phoenicia so close when you run out of something. I love this place.”

He agreed and said “That’s exactly what happened.”

We chatted a bit while the little old babushkas in front of me checked out with their eggplant and 99 bags of pita bread. I asked him how he liked working for Pappas and he said he loved it. He said they were a great company to work for and had given him a wonderful opportunity. He was quite effusive about it.

I was impressed. He was obviously sincere.


Awright you guys, you’re squabbling like a couple of kids fighting over the presents under the tree.

Wait a minute… how old are you two?

Seriously, I’m not sure I see what the hullabaloo is about. Looks like it’s just an upscale version of the taqueria on Kirby, minus the hamburgers. (Which might not be a good idea).

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I have eaten at the one in the Woodlands. It was not impressive. As to the Pappas family, everyone I’ve ever met that work for them felt the same way about the company.

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It’s not a good idea as those are some seriously delicious burgers especially with the good hot sauce.

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I don’t know about how much there is. We happened to drive by tonight, Saturday and the parking lot was empty while neighbors Salt Grass and Pappy’s were packed.


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Hmmmm. Maybe a section of the menu devoted to mesquite grilled hamburgers will be added soon???

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According to Eater Houston it didn’t open until Monday.

That 'splains things.

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