Goode Co. Seafood Campechana - a previous Houston Ho-down

i can’t find the thread that led to a HO-down at Goode Co for campechana- my first outing with this eclectic group as it happens.

Anyway, came across this recipe:


That was a ChowHound chowdown.

I’m dragging up this old thread because,

I had drive my mom into the Medical Center yesterday for her Covid vaccine, and coming back she asked to tuck into Goode Company Seafood at Westpark and Kirby for a bowl of gumbo. While I’ll eat their gumbo, it’s not my favorite, so instead I had a cup of their Crab and Poblano Bisque. It was outstanding.

Truly outstanding.

I didn’t slow down enough to take a picture, and can’t seem to find one from the web. It’s listed as Crab Poblano and Corn Bisque, but there wasn’t enough poblano to color it and if there was any corn in it, they blended it totally smooth. The only chunky stuff in it was the crab, (and the green onion mom scooped off the top of her gumbo), but it was quite seriously one of the top ten soups I’ve ever eaten and the other nine were made by me.

I was glad I only ordered a cup as it was so rich I fear a bowl would have been too much. I would have eaten it all for sure, but still - too much.

Hope y’all are safe and well.

Let’s eat!


Sounds like a winner.

My favorite gumbo is at Bayou City, chicken and sausage.

How bout you and everyone else?

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I live any jalapeño or poblano soup, but gaido’s makes a great poblano. I love the red pepper soup at Ciro’s even tho I’m not a huge fan of green or red pepper. My favorite gumbo is at Segari’s. I wonder if that tiny place made it thru.


I think they did but one place that didn’t was Bellaire Broiler Burger and their gloriously greasy chargrilled burgers. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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Careful! Campbell soups are saturated with sodium. :crazy_face: :football: :oyster:

Laugh all you want bivalve-boy but I can make a TopRamen into a gourmet meal.


Bivalve-boy is laughing. We won two Benjamins on The Big Game squares last night. Looks like a trip to Bayou City Saturday and you can watch us eat free. :football: :oyster: :football: :oyster:


When you say “we”…???


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I won 2-1/2 Benjamin’s in the 1Q with the coveted 3&7! :oyster: :oyster:

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I hate you!

I had three/nil in the first but Tampa scored just before the quarter’s end, as you know. :oyster: :oyster: :oyster: :football:

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They were probably/maybe the Wifeacita’s squares but I made all the arrangements. I at least deserve a nice lunch.


I bought four lotto scratch offs that we indulged in before The Big Game, which I rarely do, and on the investment of eight dollars we, or I hit two ten dollar winners.
I gave her one of the cards.
The Houston Texans scratch offs came up snake eyes.


I won a voucher at the Hotel Zaza a few months ago valued at 250 and will spring for another night so she should be paying me. :crazy_face: :football: :oyster: :oyster: :oyster:


AH! I did a lot of work in Houston a few years back and enjoyed Goode Company Seafood several times. I particularly remember a fire-grilled catfish that was very good – surprisingly good. The Good Company barbecue place a few blocks away was hit or miss.

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Good analysis. Everything at the Seafood place has been great but the BBQ place has plummeted to a solid miss.

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Ladies and Gents, we need a Houston Dish of the Month (DOTM) again. I need something normal. Is it too hot for gumbo as an August DOTM?

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How abut raw oysters in August? Yes some my die from Vibrio but the last person standing wins. :crazy_face:

I’m good with gumbo but where is the best?

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That’s what we’re going to find out! Take a picture if you have some this month. I know the best I have ever had is at a little place called Segari‘s on Shepherd Drive. But it is a very small place and I heard from someone who went there during the worst of it last year that said they were not taking any Covid precautions at all, so I’m not inclined to give them their business. I am going to start a new thread for this.

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I’ve driven by many times but never been.

I think an underrated quality of gumbo is the rice. Bayou City has a flavorful version served on the side as it should be. :oyster:

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Then there is gumbo ingredients. Seafood sounds sexy but for me the flavor is in chicken and sausage.

Where does time go?

It’s about time for the Astros to whip the whiny Dodgers again.