Goodbye To You's on Broadway- And It Isn't Pretty (Chinatown, SF)

Dim Sum Bistro has replaced You’s Dim Sum on Broadway near Stockton St. after more than 20 years. You’s was one of my favorite dim sum take out places, particularly for their baked bbq pork bun with extra gravy and lean pork. Consequently I was sad to see it had been replaced. Furthermore I was less than impressed with the replacement Dim Sum Bistro, whose baked bbq pork bun has much less filling. Also the replacement seems more expensive, with one bbq pork bun and one order of 3 ha gow totalling $3.55. It was interesting to see “Big Taisan Bun” listed on their menu. That’s their name for the steamed chicken bao with pork and eggs. Never seen it described quite that way.

Also a block up Stockton, Loving Hut has been replaced by Pho Delicious.

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Is this in Milpitas?

No, Manhattan

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Is that a joke?

I’m trying to remember if DSB was over on Polk?

Pretty sure that’s a joke

SF Chinatown

Sorry to see You’s go. The baked pork buns were among the biggest anywhere, and I also would go for the jumbo “Wor tip” when I saw a fresh tray being brought out of the kitchen.

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Too many changes!
Is Dol Ho the next closure?

Oh well. Part of life. I am just glad that it is not in Flushing, NY.

i haven’t posted much but had to check in on this thread… You’s was a staple for me back in the day… worked a summer in SF, lived in north beach and worked in Fidi. Every morning, i would pick up 9 dumplings (whatever struck my fancy that day) and either the congee or the spareribs and veggie on rice. my co-workers would stare at me like i was crazy eating that at 8am but that was some good s–t! That was 10 years ago. Recently, i took my young kids and wife to You’s but they just didn’t “get it.” Thought the place was run down, disgusting and food wasn’t all that great - and they were absolutely correct, but for pure nostalgia the idea of getting tons of food for around $5 really appealed to me back then. And i didn’t grow up eating Yank Sing and Koi Palace like they have, so that’s another issue. Really sorry to see it go and will definitely miss it even though i haven’t been there in awhile.


Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be !

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