Goodbye Stamford's Napa & Company

The following was posted on Napa’s website today

After ten great years, Napa has sold and will be serving our last dinner on Saturday, January 14th.
We hope you will choose to come in over these next few days and raise a glass with us!
We have developed many friendships and loyal customers over the years, and we shall miss them. The bonds created over hot stoves and crazy nights are ones of true kinship. We love our staff and wish them the best.
A sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the hard work and for all the memories and that was Napa & Co. - 10 years - an achievement in and of itself, so bravo to everyone who made it happen! Hope to see you soon… Maybe in another incarnation…stay tuned!

Once home to such trend setting CT chefs like Bill Taibe and Arik Bensimon, and often voted as the best restaurant in Stamford, the place has grown a bit long in the tooth, replaced by other destination dining in SW Ct. And Mary was bit of a Diva, often raising havoc in the back of the house, though always cool out front.

I am thinking Olio may be the best in town. For the third largest city in the State, Stamford needs more special occaison dining… despite its excellent ethnic culinary mix from Ethiopian to Middle East… and soon South Africa.

So it looks like an Italian style tavern will be replacing Napa at Summer and Broad, with a pretty standard menu of pasta, pizza, steaks, wings, et al… and gimmicks like Rat Pack videos on the monitors behind the bar. 180 from Napa.

Check out Jfood’s exclusive CTBites interview with controversial Napa founder Mary Schaffer (

Supposdedly she now has her eyes set on the former glass home of Paloma on the canal in Harbor Point

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Thanks for the link to the article - I find such pieces to be rather intriguing.

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