good wings - yonkers

Just tried this place (cravwings) in the highridge plaza in Yonkers . I rarely get wings and never the chain restaurants, so i’m no expert. I thought these were really good. They do warn you,but i had failed to notice that it may take 20 to 30 minutes for your order.The wings or tenders are double fried and were nicely seasoned and very crispy. Also there is an italian bakery a few doors down and they had excellent jelly doughnuts for only $1.25


I posted about them in February:

“We’ve done more take-out than dining out lately. My recent favorite is the soy garlic Korean fried chicken tenders from Cravwings in Yonkers as long as they are made fresh. They are shatteringly crispy and moist. Husband likes the buffalo (loves their bleu cheese sauce) and son prefers hot pepper soy wings. Their beet and radish pickles are standard but good.”

thanks- now that you mention it, i vaguely remember - i don’t find myself over there very often . but the other “star” was a very good jelly doughnut for just a $1.25 . :grinning: at the bakery a few doors down.

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We’ll have to give this place a go. Did you have the double fried (which I assume are breaded) or the naked fried? I’m a Buffalo wing purist so I would have to go naked! :slight_smile:

I believe they are routinely double fried. As far as breading, nothing was noticeable . I had the buffalo with blue cheese. The wings were extremely crisp and still moist. The buffalo sauce was already on them. I would stick with that, if orering.

You had me at jelly donuts!

Still my favorite -not a fan of dd. these were nicely (a bit mushy) good not great jam - nothing gourmet like some places aim for. just plain good and decent sized and at $1.25 a bargain. It’s a few doors down at the Italian bakery. Re-reading cravwings, I’d say they are aiming for the next gen business- plan ahead,order by app or on-line and even offer delivery - in other words the 20 to 30 min. wait is the time it takes you to get there - i don’t really plan that far ahead!

We hit up Cravwings for lunch today and really enjoyed it! We had our wings naked fried, and tried the soy garlic sauce (too sweet), hot pepper soy (addictively sweet and spicy) and Buffalo (a well-balanced, medium heat and properly tangy Buffalo sauce). Very crispy but not overcooked wings. It was pretty quiet so we didn’t wait too long for our food, maybe 15 mins. We’ll definitely be back - great addition to that area.