Good white sandwich bread SF mission

it’s tomato season and I’m craving blt sandwiches. I got good tomatoes and bacon, but I’m not sure where to find good quality white sandwich bread, preferably in the mission. For a blt I don’t want sprouted multi grain, whole wheat, sourdough, levain, etc

Kenji likes to use Japanese shokupan. Does duc loi have any Asian brands of white bread? If not,How about a loaf of white bread from Manila Oriental closer to Excelsior.

Acme pain de mie?

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Huh, are they similar to the other asian white breads found at like Tous Les Jours (Burlingame/Milbrae is the closest I can think of), 85 Degrees (Daly City/Serramonte), Paris Baguette (uh… multiple now, but I keep thinking of the one on Gellert across from Phils) or Sheng Kee?

I thought of craftsman and wolves Japanese style milk bread, but their website says only weekends. An East Asian style white bread would be perfect, but not convenient . But thank you!

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Acme pain de mie?


I thought of that, too. I wanted to stay in the mission, but may need to travel. There used to be a good Pullman loaf at bi-rite that was discontinued or I guess went out of business. Can’t remember the name. Thank you!

Oh I was just thinking that Acme is pretty widely distributed that perhaps one of the Mission grocers may carry the pain de mie. Like Bi-Rite, or close by, Rainbow.

BTW, try the Valencia WF. WF usually has a pretty big selection of Acme breads.

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