Good Turkey Club at BLD Diner, Larchmont...

It was getting late and we had worked up an appetite, so we decided to stop into BLD Diner on Boston Post Road, Larchmont. Its been a long time between visits. We shared an overstuffed Turkey Club Sandwich on white toast with fries and an extra helping of mayo on the side. Really tasty and satisfying in an retro-diner kind of way. Staff was very accommodating. The place was spotless. I believe they are aligned with Mamaroneck Diner & Pizza now. Used to be owned by the old Thruway Diner family…

A good ole Turkey Club is a diner standard in my book. Can’t beat a good club sandwich! (extra mayor -or- russian dressing on the side for me!!)

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Absolutely, Joliet!

We’ve only been to that diner a handful of times but our go-to diner is the Mamaroneck Diner. The food is always pretty good and reliable.

I grew up on LI going to diners with menus that were like 14 pages long. But my husband and I always comment that even with a 14 page menu, we still only order a handful of items…breakfast (even for dinner), sandwiches, salads, occasionally burgers.