Good places to eat in Orlando

A good friend will be in Orlando for a non-theme park trip, and wants help finding restaurants. AlI I could offer is that there’s a sizable Vietnamese area on the east side. What’s out there-- any cuisine at all? He’s a big deli/pastrami etc fan, pizzas, subs, (based on our lunches together) but he’s also interested in just about everything up through high end French. A few years ago, Bobs_Deacon offered Moroccan Breeze in the Apna Bazaar, and Prato in Winter Park. What else is out there?

A friend recommends this place:

Domu for ramen.

Bombay Street Kitchen is great for Indian food, with a slight fusion take. The naan, kale chaat and onion bhaji are great.

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I can always count on you!

Molto bene, linguafood!

Just watched the Orlando episode of the new season of Someone Feed Phil on Netflix. Some of the places he visited sounded really good.

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I was down there a few years ago and tried a bunch of different dishes at an eastern European restaurant named The Veranda. Highly recommend it! It’s one of the only places in the US I’ve gotten a proper european shawarma! Ironically, over in St. Petersburg about an hour away is a little German restaurant named Berlin’s Doner that hits the spot too.

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An eastern European restaurant serving shwarma? Now, that’s interesting!


Right? I NEVER thought I’d find it there, but shawarmas are a big staple in that part of the world and it was righteously delicious!

Thanks to all for the suggestion. My friend is a happy man

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I’m glad your friend has some good options there in Orlando to choose from. I’ve actually never been to that part of Florida but those recommendations all sound delicious. Bombay Street Kitchen especially has me intrigued since I love Indian food.