Good place for pesto pasta around Arlington/North Cambridge

We are one more night in Boston before flying back to San Diego finalizing our move. Didn’t have much time for good food the last 1.5 weeks here but looking for a place tonight with good pesto pasta (request from our daughtet, real pesto not stuff mixed with cream etc, that’s like Spaghetti Carbonara with cream - a crime). We are in a hotel in Arlington/North Cambridge and have rental car (but don’t want to drive too far) and close to the red line. Extra points for house made pasta.

You should check the current menus for Giulia, L’Impasto and Gran Gusto (all in Cambridge and relatively convenient to your location). Giulia and L’Impasto offer excellent house made pasta. Guilia in particular is one of my favorite Italian places with what I think is the best pasta in the area. Unfortunately today is Harvard graduation, so your chances of getting in there are slim to none. However they do generally have walk in seats at the bar. You can add all of these to your list for future exploration.

Giacomo’s does a pretty good pesto. They have locations in the North End and South End. I believe the South End location takes reservations. They are opening (this week I believe) a new location in Melrose. That is north of the city, however probably as close to your location as one of the in town locations.

L’Impasto has closed. :frowning:

That’s too bad, they had solid food at a great value. It must be very recent? We were there at the beginning of the month.

Just posted 2 day ago . . .

Maybe the unfortunate name helped to do them in.

I didn’t see your post in time but here are a couple of Italian joints in that same area if you stay there again before the big move. (I live in Arlington but I don’t have experience at either one.)

Good luck with the move! Hope to see you on this board.

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