Good Paris restos open and 90% consistent around July 14, Bastille Day?

Dear all, Ill be in Paris around next Bastille Day. What might still be open and be around up to par on or around July 14? Im thinking maybe Train Bleu, Pied de Cochon. Kind of institution type restos? Maybe something else? A hotel resto? Ty! Dan

Way too early to predict. Among other things, labor market for restaurants remains very unsettled.

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Long before covid happened, 14 juillet was a horrible day to try to eat well. Some places close compeltely, and those who stay open in the central arrondissements are in the weeds all day

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Just echoing onzieme’s point, it’s way too early to be looking for a restaurant in July 2023. Even some of the landmark brasseries, traditionally open 365/365, are no longer open every day of the year because of staff shortages. Who knows how things will evolve next year?

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I have stayed in Paris on Bastille Day pre-Pandemic , and many places people seek out were closed.

If I was visiting again, I’d focus on the brasseries, bibs and maybe some Asian or North African restaurants.