Good Luck Hong Kong Café, [Toronto, North York]

Attending an event at the Meridian Arts Centre provided an excuse to explore this place nearby. My wife was drawn to the odder, bread-dominated options, hence the overkill.

First up was the Satay Beef & Scramble Eggs in Pineapple Bun, with tomato, lettuce, curry sauce - fluffy eggs, tasty curry sauce, and a fine pineapple bun. I remain unconvinced about the combo of a sweet bun and savoury sandwich, but my wife loved this.

The most excessive dish was the Cheesy Baked Spaghetti w/Tomato Sauce & Ground Pork in Baked Brick Toast - ridiculous for sure, a half loaf of crusty warm bread, filled with a sweet tomato sauce spaghetti and covered with some melted cheese. Might have worked for me better if the sauce was more savoury, but again my wife really enjoyed it. This came with a choice of beverage and so we went with classic hot milk tea.

More to my taste was the lotus leaf rice filled with chicken, enoki, shi-itake mushrooms, lily buds, and red dates - they used standard jasmine rice, not sticky rice, and otherwise quite pleasant.

For dessert, we tried the Taro Milky Cream French Toast - blue/purple from we presume ube powder, this came covered in a lake of melted butter. It was basically a sweet-tasting cardiac arrest.


Wow, that brick toast is wild! :rofl: Their menu is huge, but lots of stuff I’d def try if I was in the nabe.