Good Good Culture Club [San Francisco, Mission]

More casual spot from the Liholiho Yacht Club crew in the heart of all the Mission action on 18th Street. Mission was jumping on a Wednesday night - what recession? what pandemic?
[I thought @mariacarmen did a review here but I don’t see it - maybe it was just her Mission Local review]

kalamansi cooler - passionfruit, calamansi, orange, pineapple. Good dry January drink, would have been better with some booze in it though.

crying tiger shrimp coconut-makrut cream, cucumber, crispy butter beans, mint, serrano
This was excellent, crunchy, sweet, sour - lots of great textures and flavors

good good chicken wing garlic rice stuffing, adobo glaze
Outstanding, one of the best bites I’ve eaten in a while. Crispy skin with a sweet and sour orange glaze. $9 per wing but they are bigger than they look in my photo.

housemade green curry catfish or sweet potato, clamshell mushroom, lemongrass, galangal
This was OK but nothing special. I should have gone with my instincts and stuck with the small plates.


thanks for your review! i need to go back, with a crew of friends.

yes, i have been lax in posting reviews here after i’ve reviewed them for Mission Local. Thanks for the nudge, I’ll try to be better!


damn right. next week.

wings look nice, sort of a take on korean wings?


There it is - don’t be so shy with those links @mariacarmen !


Sort of, they de-bone and stuff them, then fry then toss in a sour orange glaze. Really good stuff.


i’m all over that. stuffed with meat and glass noodles like that? Good find!


you spurred me on to post about my review of Loltun - a Yucatecan place. Thanks!


Well I always enjoy your reviews on Mission Local, but I imagine others not in San Francisco or the Bay Area might not by privy to them.


@brisket44 @mariacarmen keep the chicken wing tips and close ups coming

What are your top 5 wing spots in the bay?

my top one and probably no surprise because i keep going there and mentioning it is the extra hot at hot boys in oakland. 3 full wings and out is pretty rich and decadent and flavor in your mouth for a while. But I sure do like the looks of those sour glazed boned stuffed ones too and that’s a very convenient location time to time.


i’m really not usually a wings person, sorry! but those were very good.

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hot boys hot chicken sandwich is the only nashville hot i have found in the bay area worth eating. Fan here.

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I agree about the hot boys chicken sandwich - the dark meat really makes it better, in addition to the real quality hot chicken prep. I do prefer however the more vinegar based slaw at Howlin Rays in LA or Hattie B’s in Nashville. Also they could use a pickle upgrade. All of this is nitpicking. I don’t know a better hot chicken sandwich in the Bay Area. Still I end up getting the wings there which to me are perfect and every bit as good as the top of the competition elsewhere.

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My short stop in nashville sampling last year put Dino’s ahead of Hattie B’s, although the atmosphere of Dino’s was far more my taste :stuck_out_tongue:


I know they may not be original, but I think Howlin Rays here in LA is better than all of em, for the same reason i really like Hot Boys. I like the high quality yard bird. Hot Boys uses halal chicken which i enjoy. I don’t think the chef training and consistency of the Howlin Rays operation hurts either. They have a large new venue in Pasadena now too.

I haven’t tried Dinos - would like to. I def preferred Hattie B’s to Prince’s and Howlin Rays seems an unabashed knock off/homage of Hattie B’s down to the menu, decor and red checkered paper stuff. There’s a Prince family spot here in LA too, Hotville Chicken - it’s not as good as Rays or Hot Boys, sorta one note on the spice, and lesser quality chicken, but it’s still quite good and in the crowded field of hot chicken in LA anyways it’s near the top still. They also do a hot fish sandwich.