Good Friday lunch between NJ & VT (Albany-Lake George area ?)

Hi — We will be travelling from central NJ to Burlington VT this Friday (4/14/2017) which is Good Friday so we will need some sort of meatless options at lunchtime. We drive up I-87 and begin thinking about heading east towards VT once we’re up by Lake George… so I guess a good “halfway” lunch stop based on previous travels might be in the neighborhood of Albany-Ballston-Saratoga Springs-Lake George not too far off the beaten path so we can stay on schedule. In other years, we’ve just ended up finding a Subway and getting a tuna sub which is OK if all else fails but obviously I’d like to do better this trip. We like places which are friendly, casual, serve decent food, not fancy or too eclectic of a menu, the sort of establishments where the locals might eat or at least say “good choice”, we don’t mind sitting at the counter or a booth, and if the neighborhood surroundings/ interior ambience is “interesting” in some quirky or noteworthy or just plain down-home way then that’s a plus too. Any recommendations are appreciated ! Thanks very much.

I have a friend who lives near Burlington and drives that area all the time - I shared your post with her so hopefully she’ll have some good advice!

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I don’t know if we have too many upstaters joining us on this board yet. I haven’t been to this location of it yet but in Troy there is an Outpost of the Syracuse-based mini chain Dinosaur BBQ, which many people on this board speak highly of (myself included!). Not sure how convenient it is to the highway but it’s worth investigating for sure.

My friend just got back to me and said that your best bet for finding good non-meat options in the area will be Saratoga Springs - she didn’t have any specific restaurant recommendations but she said there are several well-regarded vegetarian places in addition to nice omni restaurants. I can heartily second ieatalotoficecream’s Dinosaur BBQ recommendation but it’s not the place to go if you are going meatless!

Hahaha oh man. I definitely missed the meatless part! Sorry!

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