Good food in unexpected places [Jack's Coal-Fired Pizza, Burlington MA; The Local, Woburn MA]

A couple of places that have become favorites of ours are a bit unexpected. I’ve written about Jack’s before, but lately, it’s been really good (and very empty at lunchtime on Saturdays). We’ve been twice this month and both times, both the appetizers (wood-smoked mussels, roasted cauliflower) and pizza have been ridiculously good. The “kids”-sized pizza is like an entire small pizza (we were expecting a personal-sized one). The kitchen is an open one in back, on the way to the bathrooms and every time, I look in and thank them for a good meal. And you know what, not a single Caucasian face among them. Take that, Mr. President. [Sorry for talking politics but I couldn’t help myself.] We fear that this place won’t last much longer, given the empty space every time we’ve been. It’s a tough spot, although Temazcal next door seems to do a bit better.

B and I have been grabbing lunch every now and then on Mondays, when we usually can work from home and spring onion is at preschool. We try to stay within 10 minutes of Arlington so we don’t waste time commuting. Another place that has surprised us is the Local in Woburn. We’ve been to others in Newton and Sudbury and they’ve been adequate. We’ve been to the Woburn location twice now for Monday lunch (also very empty) and have really enjoyed the food. We’ve had the fried brussels sprouts, beef tacos, fish and chips, meal salads - all have been tasty. Always friendly service at the bar.

Mind you, none of this is mind-blowing food but it shows what a kitchen can do when they are not taxed (we went for dinner at the Local soon after it opened and the food was dismal). Those guys and gals can cook quite well when given a chance.


The local is OK but they lack a lunch menu and are pricey if you go for lunch.