Good eats. Raleigh/Durham

Headed to Raleigh NC. Staying in Briar Creek area. Would like suggestions on restaurants you like in
That area. Looking for seafood and steaks in nice places…

Are you just looking for Briar Creek options or will you have a car and a willingness to drive a bit further? Any budget considerations?

We do have a car. Willing to do downtown Durham or even Cary. Price no prob for decent food. Maybe an upscale
For daughter’s birthday . She does not eat meat but does do seafood

This links to the “best of 2016” by the local papers food critic.

Angus Barn is near Briar Creek but I don’t think it lives up to it’s hype nor is it worth the money.
NanaSteak is new to downtown Durham and has garnered nice reviews as a high end steak place ( a few seafood items).

For seafood Deans in Cary was nice when I ate there shortly after they opened. I have not tried but hear good things about Blu in Durham.

I seldom eat around Briar Creek. There may be something tucked away in that area but I’m just aware of the usual shopping center chain places.

Most area restaurants will have at least one or two fish or vegetarian options on their menu.

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What do you know about Glenwood Grill

Not a thing…I tend to dine out in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough most of the time.

Not sure when your visit is/was but please report back on your experiences. We are trying to build here! Your finds will help others in the future!