Good Eats Near The Dump? (San Francisco)

Going to the Artist in Residence reception at the dump tonight and am wondering if there is anywhere nearby for good casual eats. New England Lobster Co. is one option. How about Brisbane - anything over there worth checking out?

I’m in Glen Park so anywhere near the dump or on the way back would be good. have a 9 and 13 year old with me so looking for casual - even super casual like a great taco truck.


Isn’t New England in the Peninsula? Does it mean you are ok going to Millbrae, SSF?

ETA: Is Radio Africa Kitchen too far north/ too close to home? Hunters Point.

Yeah I guess the Lobster Co. is a little further South. Have not yet been to Radio Africa - thanks, though looks like they close at 8:00, so could be tight.

Perhaps Dumpling Empire in SSF. I read somewhere they are affiliated with Kingdom of Dumpling in SF.

If you are open to venturing as far south as SSF and Millbrae, you also have a bunch of Cantonese options opening up, particularly those that @night07 wrote about recently.

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Thanks - turned out Tonoyense taco truck was catering the event so problem solved with a couple cabeza and carnitas tacos.

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