Good Eats Near Sea-Tac

Good morning PNW!

After traveling all day on the pretzels only airline, I’ll arrive Sea-Tac at rush hour. I was thinking of grabbing a bite near the airport before heading upstate through Seattle traffic.

Any recommendations? I get hangry under such circumstances.

For visitors, it’s the theme, not necessarily menu, and it’s on the way downtown:

Nice! I assume this is near the Boeing Facility and museum?


It is.


I still need to post about it, but my Somalian ride-share driver recommended and I visited Juba in Tukwila for Somalian food, which certainly is something quite different than anything that’ll be recommended.


And this is what we did for a quick bite, while waiting out the rush hour. Next time would probably stick with the egg dishes. There were lots of regulars there, we know this because the sign wasn’t even lit up after dark. Every booth is duck taped together, but the amount of flight memorabilia is amazing.


“Next time” says a lot.

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After getting over the shock of seeing this thread, I was dismayed to realize the recommendation was needed for today. Not too much HO action up here in the PNW. Maybe next time…

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Please chime in nonetheless, it will happen again.

And I’m gonna need Dungeness in Burlington/Sedro Woolly area Sunday. Or deal with an irate former Washingtonian on what is undoubtably a last trip home. Had some in Everett today but since the menu said it was from Oregon it doesn’t count. Sigh.

Under consideration is Chuckanut Manor in Bow, Wa.

If you have any opinion on this, for the love of all that is or may be holy, let me know.

It sounds like you want to eat them in a restaurant, correct? H says Chuckanut Manor is well regarded, as is the LaConner Seafood and Prime Rib Resto. I would definitely call these places to ensure they have Wa dungenness. We have no personal experience with these two places.

My only other suggestion would be to buy some at Costco or a supermarket and steam them at home.

Oh and the Swinomish Casino near Bow, with a restaurant named the 13 Moons. They offer crab cocktails, Crab Louie, crab cakes, and crab crusted ling cod. Also crab Mac n cheese. Again, no personal experience here. Good luck and please let me know if you find a good place. Enjoy your visit as well, even though it sounds bittersweet. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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Our home this weekend is a hotel. Thanks for the recs, I’m throwing them in the pot of consideration!

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