Good Brazilian food: where?

With the Olympics in full swing, I am interested in trying good Brazilian food. Where can I find it and what would be a good intro to the cuisine?

I can’t help with restaurants, but I found the new Hubert Keller special very informative. Lots of dishes I’ve never heard of. It aired last weekend in the Boston area - you might be able to find it in yours. This link does include a couple of recipes:

Copacabana is a Brazilian charruscaria in Port Chester. I believe they are on Groupon. At a charruscaria there is usually a salad bar followed by rodizio. The Rodizio is a series of skewered grilled meats (steak, chicken, pork, sausages, etc.) that they bring to the table and slice directly onto your plate. It’s fun. They will keep coming back with the meats until you tell them to stop. We haven’t been in years, as we try not to eat so much meat.

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Thanks for the suggestions so far…there is a big place called Texas de Brazil in Ridge Hill, Yonkers, but I don’t know how authentic it is…

Don’t expect extremely “authentic” at any charruscaria in the US. Basically because the meats available in the US are not the same. Quality, type of pasture and finish, wild game, etc. I’ve been to the two best in Brazil, and they were very, very, expensive, but amazing. But, most that I have been to in the US have been pretty good. Churrascaria Plataforma in Manhattan is excellent as of the last time I went there, several years ago (rodizio price $40-46 depending upon day of the week.) I recommend it, it is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, in the US…

There is one in Queens which was very good, Rainhas Churrascaria, but I went there more than a decade ago. I haven’t been to Copacabana or Texas de Brazil, but I would give either a try. Texas de Brazil is part of a chain, which for rodizio I find acceptable, they have decent reviews. They are $47 for the salad bar/rodizio, and are a new place, and seem to have better reviews. Copacabana is $42, is part of a chain (I think, but may be wrong), and have been around more than ten years.

All that said, if you want authentic Brazilian food, I would look to a non-rodizio restaurant, probably in Manhattan, in Little Brazil, Manhattan which is the block of West 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, and spreading slightly into the surrounding area.

Or in Queens Little Brazil on Broadway and along 31st Ave.

I have heard of a few of those you mentioned…Thanks, JMF! I have been wanting to get to Plataforma, and I did have a good and very filling meal at Texas de Brazil when they first opened in Yonkers. But not all Brazilian food is rodizio. Would like to try some basic down home style dishes, too.

Fun rodizio demo this morning on the Today program from Rio. Made me hungry for all those meats…