Good Beef Price (NJ)

Just used a coupon from my Shoprite weekly circular and my price plus card and got bone in choice grade rib roast for $4.79 lb. The butcher selected a real nicely marbled 17.94 lb whole sub primal and I bought the whole thing.

De-boned it & froze the 7 bone rack to smoke at a later date.

After a little dry aging it will yield 14 -15 nice thick rib steaks.


good deal there.

Can you tell me how you smoke these?

Dry rub 24 hrs in advance, then in a cheap wire rib rack that holds them vertical, then in the Big Green Egg @ 250 over a stone to deflect the direct heat.

If you search HO for “Beef Ribs” a thread should come up that I did last year.

Lot of folks contributed good details on varying methods of cooking them on that thread. Some folks just oven roast them.

Some good deals out there this week, but yours takes the cake!

Yeah, the same thing at Rest Depot is in the $9 lb range. I am thinking of getting another one. That would net about 28 to 30 nice thick steaks between the 2 of them. Will be good for a year if double wrapped in butcher paper & then vacuum sealed & then into a deep freeze.

Get it while the going is good, is always my motto…especially when it comes to food. I just saw a deal at Key Food on chicken quarter legs, 39 cents, and am planning on stocking up for the summer.