Golden Triangle Paris

Re: We are 4 people interested in Restaurants near/in the Golden Triangle in Paris. We are going to be there in the beginning of June. TIA

Where is the golden triangle?

Roughly speaking it’s the Southern part of the Champs-Elysées area. More precisely, it is the triangle defined by avenue des Champs-Elysées, avenue George-V and avenue Montaigne, but it tends to spread out and include the whole luxury part of the Champs. But the core of it is really that small triangle.
There isn’t much of interest in the Triangle d’or aside from the big palace restaurants like Le Cinq or Le Plaza (and even then, Le Plaza should be avoided). It’s everything or nothing, it is more or less the kingdom of illusion, and decent restaurants in the area tend to be outside of the Triangle d’or: Le Mermoz, Pages, Caïus, La Réserve, Prunier, etc.
Savy is an old bistro on rue Bayard that has been catering to the media people for decades, still sort of okay, but has seen better days. Not technically in the Triangle d’or but very close.

I think the OP’s options, as he asks, would not be within, but outside and near.

Echoing @Carmenere, I’d say that the Triangle d’or is largely a triumph of style over substance and, with few very expensive Michelin-starred exceptions, its restaurants reflect that. But maybe this is exactly what the OP wants. If so, have a look at L’Avenue on avenue Montaigne (the most stylish designer shopping street), Bar des Théâtres on rue Jean Goujon (just outside the Triangle d’or and popular with the designer set), the Paris branch of the jet-set-ish Beefbar chain located in the stunning Art-Nouveau resto ex Fermette Marbeuf on rue Marbeuf. If you don’t mind rather uninspired Asian fusion, the terrace and stunning view from the very stylish Mun rooftop restaurant on top of the Galeries Lafayette branch on the Champs-Elysées could seem to make it almost worth it when the weather is good.

If you want more substance near but not in the Triangle d’or, I’ll add (to @Carmenere’s list) Le Boudoir on rue Colisée on the other side of the horrible Champs Elysées, Origines on rue Ponthieu also just north of the C-E near the Rond Point, and Le Sens Unique on rue Ponthieu @ rue La Boétie. For a splurge oh-so-Paris meal, Le Clarence near the Grand Palais… a triumph of both style AND substance.

Not a huge walk from the Triangle d’or, the summer alfresco resto Les Petites Mains at the Palais Galliera (fashion museum) in the 16th can also be very enjoyable if the weather is good… small-plates menu + view of Tour Eiffel.

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This looks absolutely charming and it’s already open for lunch for the season; dinner to start May 12. Alas, Les Petites Mains closes for the season the end of October, so I might miss it for my rather late visit to Paris this autumn.

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I haven’t been yet this year but I notice there is a new chef and a less small-plate-y menu.

Not quite sure if they will also offer afternoon tea this year but, last year, it was exceptionally enjoyable. I know of and like the new pastry chef (ex-Taillevent, ex-Plaza Athenée, etc) a lot and hope that Les Petites Mains will give him the scope to flourish. (Note: I have a huge sweet tooth).

And the setting is indeed absolutely charming. The service in previous years was also quite delightful (at least in French). But in these post-Covid days of chronic labour shortages in the restaurant industry, who knows what it will be like this year ?

Not sure if I’ll get to the restaurant, but definitively going to check out that fashion museum!