" GOLDEN PIGLET, Cantonese Roasted Meat Speciality Eatery, Richmond Hill " - A new 'baby' on the block who might need to endure some growing pains!

Located in the same strip plaza as ’ Chi-star '. The chef/owner of this newly opened business apparently was a former BBQ chef of ’ Excellent BBQ ’ just up the road. Unlike ‘Excellent’ , ‘Golden Piglet’ offers a huge sit-down space for dine-in patrons

Selection of roasted meat and marinated offal products offered, enclosed in glass display enclosures, were quite comprehensive and impressive looking!

For my initial taste test trial, I chose their Roasted Crispy Skin, Belly/Ribs Pork and a Bento box of Cantonese Roasted Duck on rice. Crackling of the pork was superb, the meat sweet, juicy and moist. Sadly, major wood charred-aroma was disappointingly deficient. Duck was acceptable but average, flavour profile and seasoning rather one-dimensional and lacking in complexity.

Overall quality, though good and acceptable, was nothing to shout about… a near reflection of its competitor/distant cousin just up the hill inside Richlane mall.

For me, my favourite go-to place is still 'Tong-Ha ’ inside Silver Star boulevard food court, though the drive is kind of long and the gasoline price premium is quite hefty! Ha!


Nice, need to try this place! Do they have ‘pei pa’ duck? One of the best ones I’ve had was at John’s BBQ on HWY7 but it was a bit hefty in price and actually quite a few years ago.

For roast pork, I really like 錦香 (Kum Hong) at the Valleymede plaza

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