Golden Mall reopening in Flushing

Seen in passing yesterday afternoon.

Well that’s exciting!

Field trip!

How did it not get ripped down and a condo built there? I hope the new vendors will be as good as the old ones.

No way. Awesome. I hope it will still remain a bit of its previous unique charm

I miss the smell of stinky tofu as you descended into the heart of the GM

Via Flushing Foodie, a look inside:


Thanks Dave. You rock.

Thanks. A little fancy modern looking… I kind of miss the order environment.

Yeah… the old Golden Mall is a place where many people with good skill and a dream have started, like Xi’an Famous Food and Tianjin Dumpling House.

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We are arriving in Flushing Friday, May 12. We will probably go by. Of course, we never made the original.

We went past but did not buy anything. It is mostly still being built out. There is a Sichuan fried skewer place, another noodle shop, and a drink spot or two. It will be a nice space when done but looks like it could be easily packed. Hard to tell as there was equipment/construction supplies everywhere.