Golden Gate Bakery & its dan tat

A delightfully tongue-in-cheek article on how to get those prized egg tarts from the deliberately elusive Golden Gate Bakery:

Golden Gate Bakery Is Open — For Now

We’ve had them several times, courtesy of a friend who knows all their tricks, LOL. They really are better than any other dan tat we’ve tried.


funnily enough, i walked by there at around 1:40 today and they were closed!

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Yesterday, Thursday, you were there? I was there around 2pm yesterday. They were open, and I was able to get some. They are planning to be closed two days a week, but it’s random which ones.

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looks like i just missed them! i was just passing by, anyway, not heading there. but i’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

Sounds good. Also, it doesn’t look open because the store isn’t actually open. They come out to take orders. If you see the line, you’ll know they’re open :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Yep, thanks much, I’ve been before. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s easier to fly to Hong Kong and get their best dantats at regularly open bakeries lol.

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Or just hire them as caterers to make them for you à la minute (which is a real thin in real life, btw)

I can see someone with the idea of having them cater, and then resell all the tarts on wechat groups for pickup in the e.g. South Bay.


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Store looks closed, as reported. The long time proprietress opened the door with her as always cute serene smile. $3.75/ea or $45/dz. Snatched 3 pcs (DW doesn’t eat sweets) only, had to scarf one up in the adjacent doorway. Dan tat’s are best when pipin’ hot.

I must admit to being biased, but Golden Gate’s are still better than what I’ve had in Hong Kong and/or Macao.


I’d agree that Golden Gate Bakery’s dan tat are at least as good if not better than most I’ve had in HK. Although, honestly, I haven’t been that motivated to seek them out in HK given how we have some pretty good ones here.


They are open now.

The last time I ate at GG Bakery it was probably at least five years ago. I’ve always thought the crust was good but the egg was ordinary. Today, I thought the crust was still buttery and flaky, but the middle egg part was somewhat mediocre. It was not overly yellow, which likely meant they didn’t use yellow colorant. but it had a rather hard-to-pinpoint taste that was a bit too sweet and a bit not very natural. Didn’t seem like natural vanilla, which was to be expected because of cost. My wife bought 8 and after finishing one on the street we both weren’t impressed. They were fresh out of the oven and still hot (not warm, but hot), which should make the tarts satisfying but they weren’t.

But at $3.75/ tart, I thought they are now on the pricey side with not enough quality to justify. I don’t think now they can compete with Tai Cheong or Honolulu in Hong Kong.

The shop lady was nice though. She even picked up the phone when i called and asked if they were open.