Golden chanterelles at Costco

Bought at South San Francisco Costco (airport road) for $10.99/lb.


I’ve been getting them for the last month or so at the Redwood City store. I buy them every time I see them as the season is short & I always think that this time will be the last time until next Fall…

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I was leery about purchasing a pack without discretion over individual mushrooms, but these were in very good shape! Despite being pretty clean, it still took a while to brush away little specks of dirt and a bunch of brown things that looked like rosemary leaves (I used a toothbrush, non-electric)

Great deal, especially the same thing is going for $20/lb at Far West. How dry/ wet are they?

I dug through to get the best package, and my mushrooms were firm and hydrated, none dried out. Maybe two or three little spots out of 1 lb. got tossed in the trash because they were starting to release liquid. I’ve never been able to get a pound this nice from Berkeley Bowl— I’ve had better luck at Monterey Market or more expensive Far West Fungi.

During cooking, they release a ton of moisture— I separated them from the fan to reduce the liquid, then put them back in to finish cooking.

The Far West people told me to pick the ones that aren’t too wet. Those are the ones that go bad the fastest.

That’s right— think of a cooked vs. a raw button mushroom or spinach. A (fresh) raw white mushroom will have a styrofoam-like interior, and a raw spinach leaf will be dry. A cooked mushroom will loose the styrofoam appearance, and look wet, and a moisture from a cooked spinach leaf will be released from the cell walls and it’ll go limp. For yellowfeet and golden chanterelles, if you can see places where it looks cooked, i.e., water has been released, don’t get it! I once tossed in a wet one into a dish, and had to toss the entire dish out— it smelled like ammonia!

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I’ve been buying and buying them here in Reno, also thinking each time will be the last. I’ve been making this soup up to the point of adding the cream and then freezing.

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They’re back at the SF Soma Costco

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And Richmond Costco!

and San Mateo costco

Not available today at Costco in SF.

Huh. I picked up a package yesterday, but I guess they ran out— they were in the left back corner as you walk into the walk-in freezer.

I searched the walk-in, next to the mushrooms and the asparagus. alas, no fresh chanterelles on Tuesday.
were there many packages when you shopped?

There weren’t a huge number, maybe two big cardboard boxes of them, some packages more tired than others. I wonder what the shelf life of these is (I used them up that night).

Mine have 3-5 day shelf life depending on how good of shape they are in when purchased.

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Eight packages on Friday, somewhat tired with wet spots. I roasted one at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes, buzzed in the food processor for mushroom powder.

They are back at my Raleigh, NC store for $10.99!

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How was last fall’s (fall 2018) Golden Chanterelles at Costco? Did you buy any from Costco last year in the Bay Area? Was the selection good? I’m just curious to read what everyone’s experience was like.

Probably fir or maybe spruce needles. They tend to grow at the base of conifers and since these mushrooms are picked wild, you end up with a bunch of plant detritus.

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