Going to Rita Rudner & Robert Klein at Count Basie 2morrow night - Where should we eat?

Taking a poll. Already ruled out Via45, and all Asian places.


NOTB, but I’m guessing that’s not what you had in mind. :smiley:
San Remo for Italian?
Honestly, the only thing I really want to try in RB is the French joint. Everything else, you know what you are getting. (Teak, Buona Sera, etc.)
Jamians could be fun depending on what specials he has going on. I really liked some of the food, other stuff I was meh about. But it’s been years since I’ve eaten there.

Lol! I had suggested NOTB and got a cold stare from the wife. I’m thinking she wants a tad more atmosphere…

I enjoy San Remo when we stick to certain dishes; the pastas, chicken Milanese, and if they have it for like 45 bucks the veal chop…and at least parking isn’t a problem there…

Hi what is the name of the French place in RB? Thanks!

O Bistro recently opened

O Bistro had a 3 course dinner for $35 the night I was there. It had limited choices. We opted for the regular menu. I had the escargot appetizer, traditional garlic sauce, served between two rectangles of puff pastry. Good but not great. My main course was scallops and risotto which I enjoyed. Dessert was a crepe with nutella. DH had escargot, a fish dish (which I don’t remember), and shared my dessert. He thought the crepe was too thick. All in all, the food was good but seemed a bit overpriced. We were there midweek and only 2 other tables we occupied.

Maybe keep it simple Seal. Brothers is a few minute walk at most. If you haven’t had their pizza it is quite good. I’m a fan of their wings and buffalo calamari too…definitely an economical night. I like dish too, although I haven’t been in quite a while.

Tommy’s wings are delicious and it would only be a 5 minute walk from count B. They have pizzas too but their wings shine.

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