Going to Ogunquit, ME. Any Intel on New Places?

We are headed to Ogunquit in May. We go every year and have our favorites, but two new places opened and I’m wondering if anyone has been. One is the Velveteen Habit in Cape Neddick, and the other is Northern Union. Anyone?

My wife and I went to Ogunquit for the day last summer, and were very underwhelmed by the options available: very tourist-y and overpriced.

We ended up down in Kittery, not where the outlets are but in the part known I think as Kittery Junction. It’s a small cluster of interesting shops (I can’t recommend Felt highly enough) and delicious food and drink options. We tried the excellent Anju Noodle Bar, followed by the single best cocktail experience of my life at the Wallingford Dram. Do NOT miss this place. The Wallingford has a limited food menu courtesy of the also-delicious restaurant next door (the name of which escapes me), but the cocktails… just wow. Every cocktail is perfectly crafted and balanced, with tiny tweaks each time to the herbal and floral ingredients - every one of which is edible. I tried peppermint flowers for the first time there. Just amazing. Skip the tourist traps of Ogunquit and go directly here.


Thanks. We’ve been going for years and love to go to Kittery as well. I will check out the Wallingford.

My husband and I stopped in Northern Union last September. The food was very good, we split a haddock special that was exceptional. some of the best cooked fish we’ve ever had. Potato latkes were good too.
All the small plates that went by looked well presented and people seemed happy with the food.
Their wine service was kind of stuffy, aerating every glass, took forever…I think the bartender was new to the process.
Good beer selection and cocktails.
If your travels take you to Portsmouth, I would recommend Row 34, a pretty good oyster/seafood bar.

Thanks. I love latkes!! The place looks pretty. I remember when it was Katherine’s and 98 Provence was across the street. Looking forward to it, and to walking there!!strong text

I think you meant “Folk” unless another new shop has opened up since we’ve been. We’re considering a road trip today for another lunch at Anju before the snow comes tomorrow.

Whoops, yes! That’s exactly right. Thanks for catching that!

I am interested in this discussion, too. We usually visit Kennebunkport in May and late August for a final fling. While you are right about Ogunquit in general, we do enjoy dining at MC on Perkins Cove after a visit to the Art Museum, or taking in the Cliff Walk…
Thanks for your posts.

I seem to remember being on Kennebunkport area thread with you on CH. Is MC still around? I thought I heard they closed. I do love some of the places in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. We are going to Ocean for our anniversary.

MC is still there; they did close Arrows though then went on to open a restaurant in Boston. Love the view at Ocean…

It is lovely. We went for our anniversary last year and they sat us right in the corner with a two window view. The place is gorgeous too.

I am hoping to get this thread going again. Due to family emergencies we had to cancel last year’ trip. Now, between the snow yesterday and the lack of vacation, I am dreaming of Maine. I plan to try Northern Union, but I see a few new placates around Kennebunkport. Anything new in any of the towns around from Ogunquit down to Kittery, or even Portsmouth NH and up as far as Kennebunkport. We will also hit Portland but for lunch. We went to Central Provisions 2 years ago and loved it but hear it’s not as good, so suggestions there too! Thanks!

As for Portland, Maine, if you are in the mood for a gastropub meal we enjoyed Norm’s East Ender very much last fall. Wonderful selection of craft beer to accompany the menu. I still remember noshing on a tartine topped with pate and sliced radishes, alongside a Bissell Brothers brew. Norm’s East Ender is a neighbor to Duckfat.

We had a similar fine experience at the East Ender. Nice staff, good food and a bottle of Peeper Ale from the Maine Brewing Company in Freeport, Maine…

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Nice menu, thanks!

We went to Northern Union last summer and liked it very much. MC Perkins is always very good, too. We also enjoy Gypsy Sweethearts. We really miss 98 Provence. Have not tried its replacement yet (Roost). Has anyone else? The menu seems all over the place which makes you think they are maybe too ambitious.

We’re planning on trying Northern Union in May when we are in Ogunquit. Have been to Roost for breakfast - no desire to go back for dinner. If you are looking for food a la 98 Provence, the chef from there is at Ocean in Kennebunkport. Gorgeous place with excellent views and food. I find MC Perkins cove to be very pricey for what you get, and though we thought the food was good the first time we went, the next two were,not good at all, so we opt out. Anything new this year? How about the Velveteen Habit in Cape Neddick?

Looks like Velveteen Habit is Closed?

Closed, closed, or closed for the season? Their website is up and the last menu posted is from August.

Yelp and Open Table have them listed as permanently closed. I took a quick look because I am heading to NE next week.

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