Going to Aruba.


Haven’t been to Aruba for several years. Wondering what’s the latest for good restaurants? Are any of the old standbys still good? Forget El Gaucho!
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(my updates are as of last Nov. I have a time share at Playa Linda and have been going for the past 25 years)

Funny, I had given up on El Gaucho too, mostly for price and the fact it was near to impossible to get a reservation and even when you did you had to wait when you got there. I used to really enjoy it, especially when they had the jazz club across the street. I returned two years ago and while its still pricey, if you have a fridge where you are staying you will have lunch for tomorrow, I really enjoyed it again.

Close to El Goucho is one of my all time favorites on the Island which is The Driftwood, call in advance to make sure they have wahoo, you will thank me.

The “new” cool place is Zeerovers, it’s about 6 doors down from Flying Fish Bone. It is NOT fancy, it’s an out door dock, with an outside kitchen and picnic tables. The fish comes off the boats, they clean them there at the dock, and fry them as you watch. Not for the faint of heart, not for those who are super conscious over health department violations. (there is apparently no health department in Aurba). I have literally watched a man in nothing but a speedo cleaning fish there. lol

Whacky Wahoo, has been there about 10 years now, excellent place for fresh seafood.

Madame Janette’s has been a staple of excellent food on the island for decades, I love the pork cordon blu’.

Elliotti’s is my favorite for Italian. The chef used to be the chef at Valentino’s which was by far the best Italian restaurant on the Island, after their closing he moved over to Elliotti’s.

Novelty, if you are going with a romantic partner you might want to check out Screaming Eagle, dinner served in semi-private beds. (yes you read that correctly) Pricey but you are paying for the novelty, the food is pretty good though. (we went with our family, the have regular tables too but it’s not geared towards families. lol)

Everyone it seems is doing beachfront dining so you have a choice of places for that.

That’s my suggestions, please feel free to ask any questions.



Thanks. All good suggestions. No El Gaucho for me. Not a big meat eater. Going with a group of men, so anything romantic is out. No wives this trip. Go figure. Love Driftwood and Madame Janette. Glad to hear they’re still up to par. Have to try Ellioti’s; never been. Ate at Vittorio many time and it was always very good.

Will let you know if we find anything new and great.
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Hey just out of curiosity did you return from your trip yet? I’m heading out Nov. 18th and will be spending Thanksgiving there this year, any favorites on your trip?



Hey Junior,
Got back Saturday and had a great time. Ate too much but all was good.
Your “Ellioti’s” recommendation was spot on. Went there twice. Food was out standing. Was staying right across the street.

“Sole Mare” was also very good and a must go. A little pricey but worth it.

“Wacky Wahoo” is fantastic. Funky little place but the seafood is so great. Wish we had one in the Boston area.

“Yemanja Wood Fired Grill” (the name says it all), was another home run. Downtown with parking close by or on the street. Very creative!

Went to lunch at the beach bar at “Manchebo” (“Pego Pego”), which was very nice for lunch. Light sandwiches and salads. There we found out about the Paella buffet at “Ike’s Bistro” also at Manchebo. This is on Thursday nights and well worth it at $36.00 that includes sangria and desert.

The last night we went to"Hostaria di Vittorio". Loved it! Been on previous trips. Another good choice for Italian.

I guess I could call it the magnificent seven. Have a good time on your trip.


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Yemanja was excellent when. We went in March