GMO salmon given the green light by FDA

No too thrilled personally, mainly because they don’t have to label it. I’m sure the science says there’s no difference, etc, etc.

:mask: No thanks . I’ll eat salmon when in season . And buy them from a trusted monger.

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How dare you not trust the science?!! You must be anti-vaccination, too!

Just kidding, please don’t ban me.

“cThe approval for the fish, to be sold under the AquAdvantage brand, requires that the salmon be raised only in two designated land-based and contained hatcheries in Canada and Panama, and not in the United States. All of the fish will be female, and reproductively sterile, to prevent inadvertent breeding of the genetically modified fish with wild salmon, FDA officials said.
Read more at Reuters”

so this would allay my main fears of gene contamination except well, Jurassic Park, nature always finds away and we still need to protect wild salmon or the world will only have fake sterile GMO salmon

I don’t worry about eating these creatures per se but do worry about the impact on nature in the end with all this - I don’t think there is any denying that GMO is a big part of the future of food but I do wish they were required to label I mean you have to label if something was near a peanut for Xsakes

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if the pix have not been manipulated, does not appear a body will have much trouble spotting the GMO salmon.

if your fish place has - as seasons go - wild caught and farm raised, there is a distinct color difference. the farm raised is much paler - even after the marigold ‘color added’ thing…

the pix I’ve seen of the GMO stuff looks closer in color to wild caught/harvested. so I’m thinking, if it’s farm raised and brilliant color, it’s a fake…