Gluten-free restaurants north of Boston

(I just posted this to the old place, too.)

My sister is an extreme celiac, and we are struggling for additional dining options for family events. She has to have a separate gluten-free fryer, soy sauce etc. has to be wheat-free, separate cutting boards and knives must be used. She has always liked spicy ethnic food, and many of the small family places she loved before her diagnosis just can’t accommodate that.

We have found Burton’s (Andover or Burlington) to be pretty good, but are getting sick of it as the default place. Oye in Reading isn’t terrible for suburban Asian. We always liked Flatbread Pizza in Amesbury, but now gluten-free crusts just make her very sad.

Going to her old faves is hard: she gets only steamed garlic greens at Sichuan Gourmet and stares at us with big eyes while we’re eating Old Chengdu Chicken or Jin Gu fish filets.

Do you know of any other options in this price range, especially in the Arlington-to-Woburn area, up to the Merrimack Valley? We would probably have Friday’s dinner at Pintxo Pincho or Sichuan Garden in Woburn if she could eat that food.

It isn’t ethnic and isn’t my favorite place, but we had a work dinner at Seasons 52 in Burlington a little while ago, and the staff were very accommodating to my colleague with (regular) celiac disease. You may want to give them a call and see what they can do.

Thanks, will let you know if we try it.