Gluten free recommendations?

Hey amigos,

Haven’t been around the forums in a while but hope that everyone’s doing well. My little cousin-in-law is in town with his girlfriend who has celiac and I wanted to treat them to dinner tomorrow night. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

Dosa in the Mission.

In the same vein, how about places that serve tacos (corn tortillas), or arepas?

If dosa is gluten free, I’d second that. Plenty of Mexican options out there, anyplace that uses fresh masa (nopalito, Cala). Also, Isla Vida has lots of gluten free options, including all sides— seasonal vegetables I had a few weeks back knocked my socks off.

Sticking with restaurants that are strictly gluten free:

  • Little Gem has a contemporary American style menu and would be my top pick. I get delivery from them a lot.
  • Pica pica is casual and good, and I’d bet the majority of their customers don’t even realize the food is gluten free.
  • while I admire Kitava’s model of offering dishes vegan or with meat, and their use of sustainably sourced animal products and non-use of various items that are allergy minefields for me at vegan restaurants, I just don’t like their flavors. I suspect you need to have drank the Keto-Kool aid to enjoy their food. Plus, their decision to make their General’s Tso’s Chicken without chile heat is just insane.

Dosa is made from rice and urad dal flour, which sounds like should be gluten free.

Thanks for the suggestions; I just booked Dosa on Fillmore @ 7pm!

I haven’t had Indian in a while so that works out nicely :slight_smile:

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Eater to the rescue.

I’ve had better experiences at Kitava recently, and note they’re pretty affordable.