Globe dining guide to Boston's Little Saigon...

maybe everyone has seen Devra First’s Dining Guide to Boston’s Little Saigon already, but I thought it was worth noting. I’ve been to a few of these places (I really liked Pho 2000 and Saigon Chicken House and Coco Leaf is good for dessert. Anh Huong is solid too.) but there is some stuff here that I’ve never heard of. Didn’t know that you could get banh mi que at Bep Bui, bun mam at Hien Vuong or 50 cent loaves of bread for banh mi at Chau’s bakery!

I’m gearing up for some sort of day trip out to eat food for a few hours now that I’m vaxxed, and this is tempting (though I have neglected Chinatown for quite some time). All in all I just thought this was a pretty nice, well rounded writeup–any piece that points out things I’ve been missing is really welcome.


Reading that article made me think back to 2009 when I worked on Sam Yoon’s campaign for mayor of Boston, with campaign headquarters smack dab in the middle of that neighborhood. Oh, so many glorious lunches! Seems some things have changed but a lot is still the same.

One word of caution on those loaves of bread from Chau’s bakery. Since their primary business is to supply local restaurants, they will often sell out by mid-afternoon. When they’re gone, they’re gone for the day. Best to get over there in the morning or very early afternoon at the latest if you really want those loaves. Also, Chau’s did make a decent Banh Mi but one attraction is that they offered extra meat for a small surcharge. Others may have done that too if you asked, but Chau’s put it right on the price list.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold