Glenwood Springs, CO: Smoke Modern Barbeque

I went there for the first time several days ago and was generally pleased. I’d say the spareribs were the highlight of my meal. They were small but cooked and seasoned pretty well. You can get them wet or dry. I went with wet, and they came with a good but typical KC sauce.

Smoke does offer 4 sauces on the table: a Carolina sauce(vinegary), a sauce they called Georgia Mustard which was very mustardy, the sweet KC sauce that was on the ribs, and a thin-ish sauce they called Texas Fire which (although it was good) I thought was oddly named because it wasn’t even a little hot.

The brisket didn’t do as well as the ribs. I have pretty high standards for brisket, and this didn’t measure up. Too pot roast-like and not nearly enough smoke. I prefer oak for brisket, but I’d have appreciated more smoke from the hickory & applewood that Is used at this place. On the bright side, it was tender and moist and not something I just wouldn’t eat.

The baked beans were good and had a note of some spice that I’ve yet to recognize(Smoke is a place I’d go to again, so maybe I’ll figure it out next trip.) They weren’t excessively sweet which was nice for me because I was getting enough of sweet from the KC sauce.

I thought they could have put a bit more effort into their fries which, while okay, seemed like a more refined version of McD’s. I’d try a different side next time.

great. always looking for an alternative to the Pullman and the brewery. The Pullman is either ON or just completely off. The last time we ate there our waiter either was either mentally challenged or was on drugs. It was a total turn off and inappropriate with our 5 year old.

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