Giuliano Bugialli has died

His books introduced me to regional Italian cooking, historical recipes, and inspired a several-year passion for making pasta. What are some of your favorite of his recipes? Here are mine:

Fine Art of Italian Cooking

  • Pumpkin tortelli Modena style (with amaretti cookies)

Classical Techniques

  • Chocolate pasta in sweet and spicy sauce
  • Caponata
  • Porcini mushroom soup

Bugialli on Pasta

  • Bucatini amatriciana
  • Pasta with artichokes
  • Penne with sausage, sage, rosemary, and tomatoes

Sardinia and Sicily

  • Eggplant grilled in salmoriglio sauce
  • Malloreddus with scallion-flavored tomato sauce
  • Chickpea soup with mushrooms

I have 2 or 3 of his books that I’ve picked up secondhand over the years. At least one has very good photos of every step involved with making a variety of pastas iirc. I appreciate your list of favorite recipes. It’s a good nudge to really start cooking from the books.