Many of you will remember @Gio from her steady presence on Chowhound and here on HO, where she was a fixture of COTM, Weekly Menu Plsnnimg, and WFD threads for many years.

Gio passed away at her home in Massachusetts this week with her husband of many decades at her side, after a long and fruitful life.

I, for one, will remember her for her warmth and good humor, even in the face increasing health issues; when she became too disabled by rheumatoid arthritis to stand at the stove, she soldiered on as kitchen manager, with her husband a game sous chef, and they continued to eat well.

She has been, and will be, missed.



Thanks for posting this Caitlin. As you say, she was always a warm, kind presence on Chowhound. She always had a humorous and forgiving take on kitchen mishaps - made me feel better and able to see the lighter side when things went askew. Thanks for your warmth Gio - you are missed.


So sorry to hear this news, but thank you for posting. I can only hope that her husband and other family and friends can find comfort in the memories of her love of life (and food).


I was just about to post this sad news and some details of memorial services on the Greater Boston board. I wasn’t close to her but I know others in GBA may have been and may want to pay their respects.

21 June at St. Anthony’s in Revere. I don’t have details about time.


When the first cooking retreat was being discussed I had hoped Gio would join - the idea of meeting her in RL & spending a few days cooking, eating together called to my heart. That was when I learned her health wouldn’t allow it. Gio was a big part of what made the Homecooking board such a warm and friendly place so having her there would have been perfect. This news has struck hard.


She has been greatly missed on several food boards I’m on, including HO. Her sweet nature was always welcomed and her food posts, even after she couldn’t do the cooking herself, always looked so good.

She will be missed. My heart goes out to her family for their loss.


Oh, I remember her. She was lovely. :heart:


:pensive: I certainly remember Gio. Sorry to lose her. Condolences to family and friends.


The time is listed in the obituary. I’m hesitant to post the obituary on HO publically due to privacy concerns.

(I tried to send you the obituary digga, through DM here on HO, unsuccessfully)

Gio was one of a kind. She was and is an inspiration.

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Is the obit not publicly available?

It was shared in my Facebook group (which, admittedly, is a private group), and also on her own Facebook page, which is public for those who are on Facebook.

She was a wonderful woman.


Her obit:


It is publicly available. That is why I mentioned the information could be found in the obituary.

So people who wanted to find the information could look for it online.

When I die, I don’t want my obituary posted on HungryOnion.

That is why I didn’t post Gio’s obituary here.

Different strokes for different folks.


Is that an “if” or a “when?” :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Regardless, it’s always good to let your wishes be known ahead of time.

ETA: I think you edited your post? I knew I should have copy-quoted you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, they can’t do that without knowing her real name. Many of us use “stage names” on message boards, so real names aren’t always known.

Gio was a sweet, kind and lovely soul who did so much good in the world, not just in the food world. Allowing others to read about her amazing life is a tribute to the wonderfulness that was Gio.


I was so sorry to read this. Gio was a prolific home cook and I so enjoyed reading her many contributions on chowhound. Her writings made it clear that she was a kind and thoughtful person.


I remember her many contributions on Chowhound. Such a lovely person!


Very sad to hear. She’ll be missed.


People often use handles because they want anonymity.

Posting obituaries on HO exposes the family more.

I know many Hungry Onion posters want to know about Gio, and care about Gio. Caitlin provided a lovely memorial in the OP.

I had “if”, changed it to “if or when”, decided it is certain, changed my post again to “when” over a period of approximately 3 minutes.

I liked Gio a lot.

I apparently think quite differently about sharing information about deaths than others here.

I won’t say more. I don’t want to take away from the spirit of the thread.


I so enjoyed her presence here and on Chowhound.