Ginseng chicken soup! [Long Beach]

I’ve been sick for a while now and I’d love to drink some Chinese ginseng chicken soup but I’m too tired to make my own at the moment. Does anyone know of anywhere to get it, as close to Long Beach as possible? I’m guessing I’ll have to go somewhere like SGV. :frowning:

Go to Taishi Hainan Chicken in Long Beach, and get their Herbal Chicken Soup made with ginseng and a bunch of herbs that would give a botanist a major brain buzz.


Oh, I didn’t know they had ginseng in their chicken soup! Thanks!

Hi @ipsedixit ,

Nice! Why didn’t you share about this place before?! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: And how’s their namesake Hainan Chicken Rice? Thanks.

If you’re in SGV, I would not drive down to LB for their Hainan Chicken Rice.

Even if gas wasn’t bordering on $7/gallon.

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Just wanted to post that I got the herbal chicken soup at Taishi Hainan Chicken and it was delicious! It came with a spicy lime sauce to dip the chicken in. I also got the fried dumplings which were tasty and a generous portion :smiley: