Gigots d'agneau [Manhattan]

I love West African food, and I’ve been meaning to learn a little conversational French so I can better navigate Francophone African restaurants. But after a recent meal at Yop City — named for a district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and newly opened in the Bronx’s Little Italy — I’ve realized I need a better footing in French food, too. Could you recommend a brasserie in Manhattan where I could find gigots d’agneau to compare with my meal in the Bronx?

You should check with Le Gigot. Someone on another board :smirk: mentioned that, although they don’t have it on their on line website menu, he remembers them having it and their opentable menu page lists it.

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That dish looks great!

This is a nice, cozy place and I too, remembers having that dish.When I was last there, years ago, the chef was from West Africa, probably Senegal or Cote d/Ivoire. But again, that was at least 8 years ago; I am glad they survived this far…

While you are at it, you might want to check with
Raoul’s, not far away.sounds as if they may have it as well…

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Thanks! I’ll poke my head in, next time I’m down that way.

Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t been to Raoul’s in ages.