Getting blue number?

Just curious as to why I might be seeing the blue circle notification icon at my avatar for posts I’ve already read. Seems to have started a couple of weeks ago.

That’s a notification letting you know someone has responded or liked your post on a thread. If you click it, it’ll show you exactly what the notification is for.

Hmmm. Must be likes. Thanks.

Is it a blue number or a blue circle around your avatar next to a thread? Assuming the latter, it’s an indication that the last comment was made by the user who started the thread and. If the former, what @boogiebaby said. AFAIK both behaviors have been around since the site began.

It’s the latter. I guess nobody has liked my posts until recently o:( because I’ve only noticed it when someone’s responded to me until the last couple of weeks. I use my iPhone 5S most of the time I’m here and the small screen may be hindering my recognition of however a like shows up.


On the iPhone if you touch your avatar in the upper right corner, the menu that pulls up will help answer that then. The highlighted lines are the ones you’re getting a notification about and if the left is a knife and fork it was a like - and an arrow is a reply.

AHA!!! Major lightbulb. Thanks!!! (IT’s the same on my PC. Just didn’t recognize it on the phone I guess.