"Get out of the quick checkout line, please! You have more than 10 items."

A few people have mentioned self-checkout. That is certainly my preference. My principle grocery lets us check out our own scanners so I can scan food as I shop and bag. Frankly I think we should be able to use the Express Lanes for that but those aren’t the rules so I don’t. I’m a one transaction customer when I check out.

I’ll often go forward and help people bag in the self-checkout lanes. Most people are surprised and try to thank me. I look at it as very self serving. grin Get everyone through faster!

Self checkout was great when people were scared of them. Now, half the people are always confused about what to do and there’s only one associate manning all 6 self checkout lanes. Then there’s the person bagging 40 items of grocery that won’t fit in the self checkout bagging area…

NYC cashiers are superfast, always amazes me. And they don’t fool around. I was a jerk and knowingly went into 10 items lane with 15 items, lady told me what was what really fast. Never done it again since, still scared that lady will find me.

At Wal-Mart (yes, I buy food things there), clothes are what really hold up the line. Hangers have to come off, and then the clothes are folded, then bagged. I guess they have to make sure clothes stay clean in the process, but it takes a long time.

Yes, there are people I know very well who count 10 cans of tomatoes as one item, not sure who started that rumor, but people have believed in it for a very long time.

That’s not entirely unfounded. As a cashier, if someone had 10 cans of tomatoes or 30 of the same bottles of soda, it takes two seconds to scan one and hit a button to say “there’s 30 of them”. It doesn’t actually slow the line, but that won’t save you from the disdainful looks of your fellow shoppers.

I like self-checkout when it works, which is rare. Seems like there’s always some weird glitch: the computer doesn’t believe I bagged the garlic, because it’s too light to register, so someone has to come unlock the machine… or the Robitussin I bought is an “age restricted item” (!) so someone has to come check my ID to buy it.

My local grocery is experimenting with a new system where you walk in, pick up a handheld scanner and some bags, and scan & bag things as you shop. Then at the end, you put the scanner in a little ATM cradle thing, it adds up the total, you pay, and walk out. Great idea in theory. The reality is that there’s always some weird issue that slows things down. Plus the handheld scanner also displays ads as you shop, so every few seconds it goes DING DING DING and tells you to buy Spaghetti-Os.

Feeling entitled?!?!
You need to reread my post before making disparagingly comments like you have to me.
I was talking about others, NOT me.

With my car idling in a no parking zone…why didn’t you throw in that I kicked a disabled person, on my way out the door, because he was in my way, getting into my idling Range Rover…I would of used the BMW analogy but, IMO, their not built like they used to be.

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Well, true gourmets and gourmet cooks would always use fresh ingredients, but we’re not at that level. I use canned mushrooms in spaghetti sauces, stir-fry dishes, curries, and on pizza. And my other half makes himself a quick breakfast dish of mushrooms, tomato sauce, and cheese. They’re pretty much a staple in our house, so when Shoprite has their “Can-Can” sale, I usually buy the max.

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Don’t take it personally. You are fine with people with 1-2 items above, and Auspicious was saying that “if someone knowingly do it, then he is not ok with it”.

When he said “you” or “your car”, he probably wasn’t talking about you-you. He was just using “you” as a general term, like “You (anyone) shouldn’t add add sugar before milk”.

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But I always add sugar before the milk! I’m doing THAT wrong as well? ::::Sheesh::::

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I actually don’t even drink coffee. :joy:

I think you’d want to add sugar first, as it will dissolve better in the hotter coffee than if the coffee had been cooled by milk.


We should do a correlation study between “those who has 20+ items in the quick checkout line” vs" those who add sugar to the hot coffee first"

Let’s see if there is a correlation.

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Hmm, well I don’t add sugar, just milk :slight_smile: And I can’t say the quick check line is a big pet peeve for me. Now if you want to talk about how Trader Joe’s somehow turns people into idiots … :confused: Other shoppers bother me more at TJ’s, people are always standing in the middle of the aisle or parallel parking their cart in front of the cheese or otherwise being completely, obliviously in the way.

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Ha ha ha. No kidding. It is as if they are the most important people on Earth.

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Wait, how about the dads with the kids in the carts with the bloody cars on them! Talk about blocking the aisles!

In our usual store it’s the chatty women that park two by two and carry on a conversation like they will never see each other again.


Hi, Andrea:

Direct hit with the obliviousness of many TJ shoppers. Add in the free samplers and 2 kids per oblivious shopper, and I’m ready to gouge my eyes out.


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Dear Aloha,

I did not mean to poke you. I was picking up where you left off, not picking on you.

best, dave

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Hey, sometimes we’re just really engrossed in a product and lose sense of place and time. Like if there’s something I haven’t seen before, I’ll start reading the packaging. Or what if you just can’t decide what cheese you want? Otherwise I’m really good about making way, especially since I have a little shopper with me with their own mini-cart. But if I get sucked in…

Sure, some people are oblivious, or just rude. But it’s hardly worth stressing over. Do your blood pressure a favor and take a few deep breaths. If you really can’t stand a slow checkout, use a supermarket that does home delivery. FWIW, I love the TJ’s workers. I’ve shopped at several stores, regularly, for many years and have never encountered one who wasn’t pleasant and helpful. The good pointers I’ve received from them are well worth the extra moment or two in line because the cashier was interacting with the customer ahead of me.

BTW, my friend was checking out at TJ when the cashier goofed, totalling the order before the cart was empty. My friend realized this first, and asked if the two sales could be combined into a single charge. The cashier apologized and told him that TJ policy, when this happens, is that the items left behind in the cart are all free.


Aloha Dave!
Thanks for the reply…
No worries and have a great weekend!


“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold