Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi - Anthony Bourdain

I was at a Japanese bookstore and this book caught my eyes:

Then I realized that it is a graphic novel by Anthony Bourdain about: “In a not-too-distant future LA, master chefs rule the town like crime lords, and a bloody culinary war is raging. On one side are the Internationalists, blending food from all over the world; on the other, the ‘Vertical Farm’, adept of organic, vegetarian, macrobiotic dishes. And both sides want Jiro, a renegade sushi chef.”

I cannot but think the name Jiro came from Jiro Onoi. Not to say the story has anything to do with him of course.

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Surprisingly, my local library has both the film and the book. Will report back!

I have to say… they are very different. :slight_smile: I would watch the film first (just my gut feeling).

Sorry I’m still stuck in the manga section, did you say something??

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I guess this Bourdain graphic novel is a manga. Want to read it. It seems very very violent. (I haven’t read it, but I googled some images)

Yes, this Japanese bookstore has a huge collection of manga. I love Japanese anime, but the manga is just not a cheap hobby. This is the Kinokuniya store in Edgewater NJ (although I have recently been to the SF Japantown one too).

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I don’t know about this Bourdain manga, nor the Food Wars! I suspect that Mister Ajikko manga tv show that I watched when I was younger is the start of food manga. The animation was quite fun. Obviously, they had the manga version too.


Get Jiro is quite violent, but funny. I really enjoyed it.