[Germany] Look back in hunger: 5 days in Köln

Here is the condensed version of my pub crawl.
(Bigger video here. Has sound, 04:20m)

Hm… just realised there’s no option to embed a vid. See link above for photos in one file.

Zum Wohl! (= to your health,. with food and beer.)

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whot? no Eisbein?

what happened to the raw egg in the tartar?

giggle - cute stuff.

Nice! Koeln is still one of my favourite cities.

Mmmmmmettbrötchen! Decidedly not date food, but tasty nonetheless.

ZwiebelH, didn’t eat Eisbein on purpose. The portion is always too big. I have had it in Düsseldorf at Zum Schlüssel and it was good, also nicely presented in a frying pan.

Tartar-happen in Köln is served simply on a half roll/brötchen without egg yolk/anything.

I prefer Düsseldorf and Altbier. Going past Köln again in 7 weeks time but not stopping.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr