[Germany] Look back in hunger: 5 days in Köln


( :@)) :@)) ) #1

Here is the condensed version of my pub crawl.
(Bigger video here. Has sound, 04:20m)

Hm… just realised there’s no option to embed a vid. See link above for photos in one file.

Zum Wohl! (= to your health,. with food and beer.)


whot? no Eisbein?

what happened to the raw egg in the tartar?

giggle - cute stuff.


Nice! Koeln is still one of my favourite cities.

(Natascha) #4

Mmmmmmettbrötchen! Decidedly not date food, but tasty nonetheless.

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ZwiebelH, didn’t eat Eisbein on purpose. The portion is always too big. I have had it in Düsseldorf at Zum Schlüssel and it was good, also nicely presented in a frying pan.

Tartar-happen in Köln is served simply on a half roll/brötchen without egg yolk/anything.

I prefer Düsseldorf and Altbier. Going past Köln again in 7 weeks time but not stopping.