[Georgetown, Penang] Yummy but unrevealed Char Koay Teow

Hello peeps! So it’s my first post here. A friend recommended Hungry Onion to me to help exposing food that I thought are worth to be recommended as you know there are many hawkers out there spent tons of money to promote and yet there are also hawkers who can’t afford the advertising costs.

So today I would like introduce a Char Koay Teow (CKT) which I personally think it’s real compatible compared to the one which are famous, famed and especially long queue!

I happened to tried this CKT two weeks ago in this coffee shop and was caught stuck with it until now. Apparently this is a newly opened coffee shop and according to some of the eaters, this CKT boss, Mr. Yam used to fry in the old CF Food Court which is currently named Jeti Food Court, right opposite of the coffee shop where I had my CKT.

Spoke to Mr. Yam and he tipped me a clue on CKT. He said the most important thing for a good CKT is the ‘gas fire’ and of course alongside the way you utilize it.

Mr. Yam has many returned customers and when I asked him why don’t you have queue like the famous one CKT like Lorong Selamat and Siam Road, he said he doesn’t really promote. Those who think it’s good will eventually come back.

So then my friend introduced me this platform to introduce Mr. Yam to the outsiders. If you are challenging enough, if you hate queuing like I do, if you don’t mind giving yourself and Mr. Yam a chance, check him out at Bom Baa Kopitiam, a kinda hidden yellow coffee shop in between Chew and Tan Jetty.

Operating hours for Mr. Yam's CKT: Mon-Sun 8am-3pm (Closes on every Wednesday)

All the best to Mr. Yam!


Hi Eva, and welcome. Hope to read loads more contributions for you - you live in such a fascinating part of the world.

By any chance, is your friend who recommended us, our long standing contributor, Peter Yeoh?

Hey John indirectly yes! It’s by a friend who was recommended by Peter. So yes! :slight_smile:

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“Ah Yam” is very, very good, indeed. I’d not been back for a while but will check out his new place. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Yam said he’s anticipating for your return. Btw do check out the new kopitiam, pretty good food they serve! :wink:

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I do recall Chen Chong Wooi aka “Ah Yam”'s story now. At 47, I was surprised that he had been frying char koay teow for less than 3 years! His taste better than the ones produced by others who’d been doing it 3-4 decades.

His CKT “sifu” (mentor) plies his trade at Khoon Hiang kopitiam’s King Prawn Char Koay Teow stall, but I actually preferred Ah Yam’s rendition more.