Georgetown Distillery, Georgetown, CA

In an apparently endless quest of finding obscure rural places no one on the board but me will ever go to, I present:

Georgetown Distillery, a distillery/bar/grill in Georgetown, a tiny little collection of folks in Placer County, CA. It’s about an hour’s drive NE from Sacramento proper, located off of CA-193, just east of Auburn.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I’m not great at food photography and honestly, it just didn’t occur to me that the place would be writeup worthy 'til I was halfway through the meal…

This is just a very rural small town bar 'n grill, but they DO have their own booze (rye, bourbon, rum) as well as a surprisingly excellent menu made largely in house!

We started off with the ‘Bakers Loaf’, a sourdough bread round scored and filled in w/ cream cheese and pesto and drizzled with balsamic. Sure, easy, but REALLY good.

On special they had a chicken parm with house made chips. Both were EXCELLENT. The chips were a bit on the thicker side, which I didn’t mind. The sandwich was crispy even with the very zesty marinara and cheese. Also on special was a house-made lobster bisque which was creamy, sea-food-y, with generous chunks of what I think were langostino.

Another of our friends got the Quail Wellington, which is just what it sounds like, three two-bite packages of quail, wrapped in mushrooms and shallots, wrapped in flaky pastry, and a dollop of mushroom gravy. Oh my GOD was this good. It looks like a small portion but it is SO rich.

For dessert was a lemon marscapone cake with raspberries, which the table pronounced “delightful”. Tart, sweet enough, but not overly so.

As for the booze, the drinkers of the group were ‘meh’ about their straight rye (“too much acetone”), really liked the bourbon (“a good mixer!”), were divided on the spiced rum (“Too sweet!” “I want to pour this on pancakes. That’s good.”) Most EVERYONE liked their special reserve port-wine finished bourbon. Each couple took home a bottle ($100/ea).

I will say the food is a QPR BONANZA. This is good food, full stop. For the price? It’s FANTASTIC.,-120.8502398,19.54z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x809baa354d3b9271:0x27ad813cf253593a!2s6101+CA-193,+Georgetown,+CA+95634!3b1!8m2!3d38.9084785!4d-120.8499617!3m4!1s0x809bab5f90d5954d:0xdcafac587f5b25e0!8m2!3d38.9084323!4d-120.8498988