Georges Dragon, Chinese : Tuckahoe, NY

Georges Dragon is located in the Crestwood section of Tuckahoe, across from the Metro North station in the space formerly occupied by New China. They make a point of mentioning that they exclude artificial colors, preservatives, and additives from the menu. Has anyone ordered takeout yet?

I’m always up for trying a new Chinese restaurant. That being said, I’m kind of turned off by the pricing. They charge for rice, which is not that unusual these days, but nonetheless irritating. Their “pork dim sum” (I’m guessing shu mai) and “paper-wrapped chicken” are $2 each. They also are charging for sauce, which probably means that you won’t get it unless you order it. I’d be pretty upset if I ordered dumplings and they arrived without dipping sauce. Entree prices seem reasonable, though I’m curious about the portion sizes. Yelp reviews are very mixed.

I guess they opened this past weekend. I don’t have high hopes, especially after reading their very limited, and quite boring sounding menu.

I gave up on most Chinese places in the Yonkers/Tuckahoe/Eastchester/Bronxville area. I just end up going to Queens most of the time. All the places that used to be good, have either closed, or quality has slipped into the gutter. Calvin’s and Hunan Hut in Bronxville, especially Calvins, were quite good. Then Calvins closed, and Hunan Hut is now terrible.

I’ll end up giving the new place a try in the next few days. But I really don’t expect much.

I ordered take out a few days ago. It took about an hour to get my food. While I appreciate the fact that it is preservative , additive and artificial color free, the shrimp and broccoli I ordered had little to no flavor. What I got was generously sized broccoli florets and shrimp swimming in a tasteless semi opaque broth. A container of rice was also included (not an extra charge). It did seem healthy but healthy does not mean that it has to be flavorless. I think they will have a lot of disappointed customers who are expecting more typical looking and tasting Chinese food. They need to adjust their recipes to include more depth of flavor and make it look and taste a little bit more familiar while still keeping it healthy. They just opened, so maybe they are still trying to work out the kinks and find that happy medium. The decor is very trendy and fresh with painted white and orange shiplap walls. There are a few stools at a bar against the window so one can eat in.