George Germon, 1945-2015 (Boston, Rhode Island, New England)

The co-founder of Al Forno in Providence has died. It remains a destination worthy of a road trip from Boston. See the NY Times article

He could be a bit crusty himself, like his grilled pizza. He was once quoted as saying that if you have food allergies or dislikes, stay home.

Nonetheless Al Forno is a worthy legacy, a gift to New England foodies.

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RIP chef. Al Forno is an all time classic. Al Forno is Providence. He may have had a reputation for being crusty, but acquaintances who knew him well considered him to be a warm and wonderful man.

Ah, I have many fond memories of anniversaries and date nights spent at Al Forno all those many years ago when we lived in Southeastern Mass. The legacy that George leaves in grilled pizza alone is pretty phenomenal. Rest in peace, good sir.

Same here. Second date with (now) my wife. A lovely late-spring day, top-down drive in the Miata to Providence from Cambridge. That revelatory Margherita pizza at the bar while waiting for a table let us now the trip would be worthwhile.