Genuine Pita Bread

I make pita bread at home and bake it either on the stove top or in a very hot oven pretty successfully. It’s basically any old AP, WW, or mix thereof that’s shaped as a flatbread.

Whatever…I had some extra time on my hands so I did a Youtube search for different recipes. I saw something intriguing.

I’m in awe of her technique but. I’m more interested in the dough. My pita dough isn’t particularly wet. I do about 70% hydration. I’ve never seen a pita recipe that’s very wet, although I haven’t troubled to calculate. What’s going on with this traditional wet pita dough?

I also wonder whether it’s a sourdough. I can’t imagine she had access to commercial yeasts.

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The link doesn’t work :frowning:

Ouch, you are right. Try this:

Oh wow! Makes me think of beignets. Some recipes are so wet that you flour heavily to roll out and cut. Cornmeal in the tray?

I just love how she shapes it with the peel. I use a high hydration pizza dough and will have to try that next time since I like a thicker crust.

Very cool - the peel looks like it’s made of slats or strings rather than a solid piece of metal. I wish the end result were part of the video.

To me the peel looks like solid wood.

I agree about the finished product. I’d like to have seen whether it was flat or puffed.